Artist Statement

The Road to Random

I have been serious about my photography for the last 16 years. I studied photography in London graduating in 2000. I started out as a landscape photographer, moving into the studio to capture ice, smoke, water and dead birds ( a whole other story ...).

Somewhere along the way, once I had mastered (with a little m) the technical aspects of photography, I lost my mojo. Every 2 minutes as many photographs are uploaded as were taken in the whole of the last century. Did the world need another shot of a sunrise ? a beach ? Who wants an image of a dead frozen bird in ice on their wall ? - actually more people than you think. Going no where fast.

I decided if I was going to make an image it would have a message. So I started to make images of things I felt strongly about - the use of breast cancer as a marketing tool, the abuse of children by the church, looking after the planet and being a little kinder to new Australians. I was an image activist and I loved it. But something was not quite right.

I am someone that says I do not want to be labelled or pigieon holed but seems to be constantly trying to put myself in one. I missed just shooting weird stuff or a pretty landscape because I wanted to. It is hard, not to mention a bit arrogant, to always shoot with the responsibility of changing the world.

So now I am happily the random photographer. Shooting whatever I want whenever I want. No expectations. No responsibilities. All over the place. Sometimes a dead bird in ice, sometimes a message may even shoot some pretty images. Who knows lets see what the day brings.



I hope you like the images. If you have any questions about how they were taken or are interested in purchasing images – simply contact me via the contact page. 

If you want to 'right click' and steal go ahead. Happy for people to be just viewing and enjoying my work. But play fair. If it is for you - great. If it is for commercial purposes - flick us a few bucks please. Contact via ...the contact page.

Because I am a random photographer and a girl, images here today may not be here tomorrow and tomorrow may bring images that are not here today. 

©As a matter of professional courtesy, all the images are copyright and I retain all rights to them.

Remember , play fair.