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Ollie 7 Fine Art Photography 

Hi, I’m Ollie.  I love life and I love photography and especially Fine Art Photography. Interesting, given I often photograph dead birds – I thought it may have been a phase but it has been years now so I think it has advanced to an obsession. 

Fine Art Photography

When not photographing dead birds you can usually find me photographing  water or things that look like water- be it still, frozen, lakes, rivers, ocean,or simply playing with light.

There is a difference between fine art photography and the great volume of images that are now possible with the digital revolution. Photography used to be it’s own thing, however now it is a craft with many branches. The branch that I have chosen to sit on is Fine Art Photography, which lets me explore many edges in terms of subject matter and the may I treat it.

One half of the magic of Fine Art Photography happens between the sensor and the the subject at the moment the shot is taken and the other magic happens between the image and the observer at the moment the observer sees and perceives the image and something beyond the image.

I enjoy collaborative artistic endeavors  Since the end of 2010 I have been working with fibre artist Glenese Keavney on the latest exhibtion Dark Places Full of  Light. The concept behind this exhibition is that the darkest places in our lives often provide the brightest truth. To understand who we really are we need to journey into the darkness; to bravely approach the denied and hidden parts. This journey, from which we may hold back  –imagining it will be difficult  – offers light and a lightening of what we carry.  In this underground we may find the single spark of energy of who we are. The exhibition brings together both our personal searches to understand our dark places and the light that has come from them. I have really gained such a lot from working with Glenese – check it out in the Images above,

If not walking the beaches of Mollymook on the New South Wales South Coast  I can be found immersed in the art of  Rotterdam, Holland.

Enjoy the photos in the galleries – if you are interested in any images or just want to know how I took them please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page. I am happy to share.


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#TEDxDelft awesome work by the Jongens van der Tekenningen Great concept well executed very nice guys to talk to. Success boys.

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